Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter W

Needs to start with W and have two vowels in the word.

Wireless Crystal Radio complete with Cats Whisker……Hand made to a design from Popular Wireless magazine published in 1925. The Wireless itself probably dates from a couple of years later. The coil on the right is the inductance which is in a balanced circuit with the variable capacitor inside the box (attached to the dial). The Cats Whisker and the Galena Crystal are at the back. Connections for earth and aerial are on the left.

Western Class Diesel Locomotive……D1065 ‘Western Consort’ approaches Reading Station in September 1975. The Western’s were Diesel Hydraulic locomotives and were being withdrawn from service at the time this photograph was taken as British Railways rationalised the fleet on Diesel Electric types. The Westerns were replaced by the Class 50 locomotives like the one I published in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ‘V’ post.   Western Consort was withdrawn from service 2 years after this photo and subsequently scrapped.   7 of the class have been preserved.

Walkers Waiting for the Wimbledon Train……Seen at Earls Court. They obviously had the same idea as us for New years Day – walk section 6 of the Capital Ring between Wimbledon Park and Richmond 🙂

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    1. When I was a child Colline, the ‘Wireless’ was what we listened to. I remember we had an old Pye valve set. Most programmes were broadcast on Long Wave and Medium Wave. Stations would fade in and out and sometimes two stations would fight to be heard over each other on the same frequency.

      50 years later and I can listen to a far wider range of stations on my DAB Radio or on the internet should I choose to do so. It’s better in almost every sense but somehow it seems that the magic has been lost somewhere along the way 😦

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