Server Under Maintenance
We all know what that means
It's a long awaited upgrade
The Iberia map DLC

We're busy getting ready
The hours tick slowly by
A little over 5 to go
The agonising time

Then we'll hit the road
We've a challenge to complete
An event in celebration
To salute the mappers feat

Martin Addison – 08/04/2021

The road calls me
It beckons with intent
And I come
To ignore the call?
That’s a loss of faith! 

Every day I kick those tyres
I check the manifest
And I set out 

We deliver, my truck and I
Whatever you need
It comes to your supermarket
It comes without conditions
Because we do..
What we do... 

I may be virtual
An internet Trucker
But I mirror the world
The real Drivers
Out there – delivering
For you – every day 


That’s what They Do! 

Martin Addison – 04/04/2021

Last week both Euro and American Truck Simulator games were updated to version 1.40. This means that I have spent almost all week driving trucks to the detriment of everything else. Now I could post a Truck photo for this challenge but I’ve sorted out some other things instead.

The obvious to start with – Church…

…This is Holy Cross Old Church in Greenford Magna. Some parts of the building date to the 13th century although the wooden bell tower is as recent as the 16th century and the flint coating on the walls was added in the 19th century!

Perhaps a little less obvious, Football Pitch…

…This is, of course, Wingate & Finchley’s home. It is a traditional grass pitch. Quite a few clubs now have ‘all-weather’ artificial pitches.

And finally, I have a couple of Track Machines. These have a variety of roles in the maintenance of railway track. The first is a Stoneblower – used to force fine-grained ballast under the sleepers to level the track…

…That was work that would have been done by a gang of labourers in the past. The machine is more efficient and probably more accurate. There are many other types like Tampers and Ballast Cleaners, all allowing more efficient maintenance of what the railway companies like to call the Permanent Way. The second of our Track Machines is a Railhead Treatment Train (RHTT)…

…These are seasonal, coming out in the autumn when leaves are falling from the trees to keep the rail clean so that trains have good adhesion. These have been built to deal with a relatively new problem – it seems that the move to disc-brakes means that the trains wheels are not kept clean in the manner that they were by the old style clasp-brakes and a build up of leaf-litter results in a loss of traction and braking power. This type is a Multipurpose Vehicle – It can also de-ice the conductor rail in winter and in summer the water tanks can be replaced with herbicide tanks and the train deployed to kill weeds.

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