Take a visit to any Seaside Town and you’ll be under the watchful eyes of the gulls – especially if you’re eating Fish and Chips 😉

Herring Gulls loitering with intent at Folkestone Invicta’s football ground last Saturday 🙂

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Euro Truck for me. Fitting in trips between the many football games that I’ve had to photograph as the season reaches its climax for this year. A number of these runs have been driven with the Renault Magnum and I thought I’d share some shots from these before telling a little about the football in another post.

Corbieres has been busy and we pick her up on a run from Bari on the coast of Italy. The cargo on this occasion was a smart looking yacht…

The run up from Bari is a long one when your destination is Nice and we found ourselves running into the sunset……Time for a break 🙂 I love the ideas incorporated in that early 1990’s Renault dash – now updated and supplied in both the Renault Range T and the Volvo FH16.

Next morning we were off to Nice to drop off the yacht and I took the opportunity to catch a shot from the prow of the vessel of the Torrente Bisagno on the A12 Autostrada Azzurra as we skirted around Genova……and then took a shot of the scene across the valley as we rounded northern Genova and set track for Nizza as Nice appears on the Italian road signs…

Corbieres has done a number of other recent deliveries. For example – this load of Lead to Manchester……and subsequently a run down through central Wales to Swansea with a container of Nitrogen……couldn’t resist putting in an angle to emphasise the corner 😉

So that’s some runs in Corbieres. I’ve set her to rest for a while and swapped over to my MAN TGA, Seven Streets. Some shots of her in action in another post 🙂

After sharing a video of the Volvo VNL670 I thought I’d share a few screenshots from trips in this truck.

No prizes for guessing which state I’m in with this shot……Departing Gallup with a ventilation shaft.

An interesting delay on the interstate……Called into the Weigh Station at Grant’s Road. I found a car on the off ramp waiting for a gap in the traffic to get back on the highway – clearly a confused bunny 😉 And then when I was clear to go I found the exit snarled up. I thought it was an accident but it turned out the tanker you can just see the back of between me and the Schneider had broken down. After a couple of minutes waiting for the ai to de-confuse itself I decided to drive around the blockage using the hard shoulder. Made for a nice shot to show off the metallic paint job though 😉

The twin silos in this late evening view are a sign that we’re running into Barstow……That’s a bit of a mixed blessing. It means not too far to go until Bakersfield (if that’s where I’m headed) 🙂 It also means we’re approaching the horrible I40-I10 intersection where you can trust the ai to set up some traps to catch the unwary 😉 You can see how clear the instruments on the Volvo are in this shot.