I think I have finally realised that we are in a new year! I do have plans for the coming year some of which relate to my blog. Lets deal with the real world plans first though. Complete restructuring my office, buy a new gaming computer and do some more exercise whilst cutting back on the beer. That’s quite a tall order in those few words! But I have got some help in the last of the targets. My Good Lady has treated me to a Fitbit for Christmas and I now feel motivated to meet certain exercise targets 🙂 Buying a nice new gaming computer is entirely reliant upon getting the office sorted out, so that should be quite motivating too 😉

The blog is altogether different. Much of last year was tied into Truck Simulator drive-through’s and taking part in Cee’s photo challenges. A few other things popped in from time to time. So this year the watchword is Diversify! Big companies were doing this in the years when there were rich pickings to be had and moving into a competitors territory was a wise business strategy. Now they’re probably concentrating on their core – in much the same way as I should be when attempting to do some Pilates!

We’re going to be covering a wider range of computer games this year. I’ll still be sharing my trucking adventures with you but we’ll also be back driving trains in Railworks. There will also be a number of other games which I will introduce you to over the next few weeks – some of them totally new to me whilst others like Railworks, will be making a return. We’ll start the ball rolling early next week with a look at this……I’ll leave you to ponder what game that could be.

I’ll also be pursuing the photography challenges and hopefully adding some prose and poetry along the way. There’ll be some transport odysseys to report too as we travel around London and further afield by train and on foot. It promises to be a busy year and I hope I’m able to take you along with me 🙂