Why The Long Face?

…Well that should be pretty obvious as sadly this Moose has been shot – an amazing last pose. But this post is about me and why I might be a little less active currently than I would like.

I have Hypertension. Both my parents had it, so it’s a genetic condition. Up until three months ago it was under good control using three different medicines. Then, on a routine check up at the Dentist, I was told that I would need get the Doctor to take me off one of them because one of the side effects was kicking in – swollen gums with increased risk of tooth loss. Ironically, this coincided with the drugs manufacturers removing the tablet version from the market anyway (causing absolute mayhem if the chat I had with the Doc today is anything to go by!).

So – we find ourselves in a laboratory of sorts as the Doctor tries to find a suitable new mix of Hypertension medicines to fill in the gap created by the one that I can no longer take. We’ve tried a couple of different options, so far to no avail, and today I find myself with another pill to try over the next month. It’s very hard to explain the feeling of disappointment each time that an option we try doesn’t work. The most reassuring thing about today’s meeting with the Doctor is that she clearly is every bit as disappointed as I am.

To add to the downers, the week just gone was a sequence of Doctor, Dentist, Hospital. I hate going to the Dentist – I’d rather fly a plane through a thunder storm! – but fortunately the young lady Dentist has the patience of Job and I survived the preparatory work for a crown that will need to be fitted after I broke a tooth. Cheeky girl said I should stop chewing toffee – I broke it eating Granola! 😉 Then it was a trip to the Vampires on Friday – The good news from that visit… My kidney function is excellent but I need to eat a couple more bananas!

Oh the joys of getting a little older… 🙂


Fathers Day

Or should that be Father’s Day?

One thing I have learned – and as always it’s lots of things encapsulated in one event – is that Fathers Day is… well, it just is! You just can’t win on Fathers Day. Your child will grudgingly present you with a card and gift – after all, it ain’t your birthday. Your Good Lady will pay lip service (without using her lips) to the concept of a Fathers Day while expecting a significantly more direct response to Mothers day. So Dad’s – that’s how the world is – get used to it 😉

Me – I’m settling down to a pleasant evening of music starting with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Kf1Iy5E6U

And enjoying something from my Son – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF3Ueqww7M8

You know Fathers Day is great – Mom’s got the Spaghetti Bolognese almost ready – that makes Fathers Day really worth while 🙂

So it ain’t as I painted it, is it?!!

With apologies for video content not appearing in post – Must’ve said summat wrong to Youtube

Digital World

It’s lonely out here.. in a digital world
No real-world cues to guide
Just – often dodgy – instinct for what may
Be fun, exciting or just plain click-bait
for friends and strangers in the
Digital world…

I watch videos… another YouTube exposé
People posting their pain
exposing their hate
reflecting the hate of others
showing AAA gaming as poison
AAAh! – so that’s where it is…

It’s funny how blogging is
or vlogging for that matter
me and You – we disagree or
we find some common ground
We chat, we discuss and we form opinions
All without meeting

I know you
and yet I don’t
we are all strangers
despite being friends
I know the face you present
but of that face I know nothing
Is that all that is the Digital World?

Martin Addison – 14/05/2019