Sharing Sounds

Another evening with my Son listening to each other’s music. Here’s another example of some of the excellent music being distributed on YouTube under Monstercat. Millenia by Pixel Terror… …I like the vocals on this 🙂

I have a sad one – so many bands over the years don’t make it and artists just disappear. Here is a band called Screen Idols – I always wonder what happened to the young lady singing for them – wonderful and very interesting voice…

Sharing Sounds

I’ve shared a number of pieces of music from my Son with you as he finds his way in the world (along with some of my own faves). But tonight I’m sharing a track from one of my Virtual Trucking friends 🙂 Enjoy this wonderful music… …It’s true to say that music crosses language barriers – that’s just lovely!

Fathers Day

Or should that be Father’s Day?

One thing I have learned – and as always it’s lots of things encapsulated in one event – is that Fathers Day is… well, it just is! You just can’t win on Fathers Day. Your child will grudgingly present you with a card and gift – after all, it ain’t your birthday. Your Good Lady will pay lip service (without using her lips) to the concept of a Fathers Day while expecting a significantly more direct response to Mothers day. So Dad’s – that’s how the world is – get used to it 😉

Me – I’m settling down to a pleasant evening of music starting with

And enjoying something from my Son –

You know Fathers Day is great – Mom’s got the Spaghetti Bolognese almost ready – that makes Fathers Day really worth while 🙂

So it ain’t as I painted it, is it?!!

With apologies for video content not appearing in post – Must’ve said summat wrong to Youtube