A Moment of Pause

Things have been happening a bit fast and I haven’t been able to post quite like I would wish. I have lots of things in the pipeline for my blog so don’t worry 🙂 As an interim I’d love to share from YouTube what is, in my opinion, one of the most wonderful pieces of music ever written. Always brings a tear to this old rockers eye – The lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams…


Snippets From a Song

The radio is playing some forgotten song
Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong
The road has got me hypnotized
And I’m speedin’ into a new sunrise


And the radio played that forgotten song
Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong
And the newsman sang his same song

Golden Earring – Radar Love Lyrics | MetroLyrics

When it’s quiet on the road
and the fools are all abed,
Long forgotten songs
come alive in my head

Martin Addison – 19/01/2017

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Circles and Curves

Balham Station

Balham Station

Saxophone Keys & Pads

Saxophone Keys & Pads

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