The Night Shift

It doesn’t look like there’s ‘Gonna be some sweet sounds coming down’ on this guy’s shift! In fact he looks thoroughly fed up……I guess he’s had a long day! And I’m about to set out into the night with a load of flat-pack furniture – another long drive ahead.

Perhaps the Commodores will cheer him up?


Cowboy Comparisons


These two tracks perhaps show signs of the changes in male / female relations over a couple of decades? Very interesting to compare them. May I add I love them both (the tracks and the singers!)…

A Moment of Pause

Things have been happening a bit fast and I haven’t been able to post quite like I would wish. I have lots of things in the pipeline for my blog so don’t worry 🙂 As an interim I’d love to share from YouTube what is, in my opinion, one of the most wonderful pieces of music ever written. Always brings a tear to this old rockers eye – The lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams…