Random Screenies

After sharing a video of the Volvo VNL670 I thought I’d share a few screenshots from trips in this truck.

No prizes for guessing which state I’m in with this shot……Departing Gallup with a ventilation shaft.

An interesting delay on the interstate……Called into the Weigh Station at Grant’s Road. I found a car on the off ramp waiting for a gap in the traffic to get back on the highway – clearly a confused bunny 😉 And then when I was clear to go I found the exit snarled up. I thought it was an accident but it turned out the tanker you can just see the back of between me and the Schneider had broken down. After a couple of minutes waiting for the ai to de-confuse itself I decided to drive around the blockage using the hard shoulder. Made for a nice shot to show off the metallic paint job though 😉

The twin silos in this late evening view are a sign that we’re running into Barstow……That’s a bit of a mixed blessing. It means not too far to go until Bakersfield (if that’s where I’m headed) 🙂 It also means we’re approaching the horrible I40-I10 intersection where you can trust the ai to set up some traps to catch the unwary 😉 You can see how clear the instruments on the Volvo are in this shot.



...or how to embarrass yourself 😉

My posts have been a bit sporadic lately because I wanted to try out doing some video’s of the computer simulations that I play. Trying out the technology and looking for a reasonable length video took up quite a lot time. It is the nature of most simulation games that the player will be doing a particular activity for somewhat longer than the average pop video. Anyway, here is a video from American Truck Simulator in which I will be transporting a load of pesticides from Phoenix to Holbrook. And… You get to hear my voice for the first time – that’s gotta be worth a few minutes hasn’t it? And if you survive to the end you can have a laugh at me making a real mess of parking – something I usually have no problem with! I’m blaming that on trying to do two things at once 😉 Here you go, me and the Volvo VNL670…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Y

Needs to start or end with the letter Y or in the caption “Why” needs to be present

A view of Church End, Finchley……the old Manor Farm Dairy shop on Hendon Lane.

Wingate & Finchley under 23’s take on Hayes & Yeading under 23’s……a photograph captures a moment in the play 🙂

Paul sits at the door ready to go for a fly……taken back in 2010 when he was 5 years old.

Here’s a ‘Y’ at both ends for you……Yelloway 🙂 Yelloway Coaches used to run stage services across the country, often in partnership with other operators. This vehicle was based at Clacton – a very long way from their home in Rochdale. Shared with Premier Travel of Cambridge, this route ceased operating in 1987. Yelloway themselves had been sold by that time to Carlton PSV Sales and by 1990 had disappeared and the famous name seemed lost forever. In 2008, Courtesy Coaches bought the rights to the name. Yelloway now provide coaches for school contracts and for hire – very much like my local Southgate Finchley Coaches 🙂

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