Middle of the month and it’s time to share desktops for Clare’s challenge.

On the Photo pc I have a black and white view of cows and crows – a reminder that Summer was still here until a few weeks ago…

Cows and Crows

…The clouds and the crows speak of autumn just around the corner though.

On the Games pc we have a shot of Miss Lola heading towards Bakersfield along US-58 with an articulated dumper truck…


…The sun is going down and we’re going to need to stop for a break soon. We’ve just passed a Motel, visible between the power poles, but I don’t want to stop there – anyone recognise it?

When I wrote my On Borrowed Time post about the South Western Railway Class 455’s back in early February, I noted that there seemed to be no plans to replace the Southern 455’s. It seems that has changed and the rumour mill is now suggesting that they will be phased out in May this year. Southern think that their Class 377 fleet will be able to take up the slack. If that proves to be the case, then a shot of three class 455’s together at East Croydon will indeed soon be history!