Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Y

Needs to start or end with the letter Y or in the caption “Why” needs to be present

A view of Church End, Finchley……the old Manor Farm Dairy shop on Hendon Lane.

Wingate & Finchley under 23’s take on Hayes & Yeading under 23’s……a photograph captures a moment in the play 🙂

Paul sits at the door ready to go for a fly……taken back in 2010 when he was 5 years old.

Here’s a ‘Y’ at both ends for you……Yelloway 🙂 Yelloway Coaches used to run stage services across the country, often in partnership with other operators. This vehicle was based at Clacton – a very long way from their home in Rochdale. Shared with Premier Travel of Cambridge, this route ceased operating in 1987. Yelloway themselves had been sold by that time to Carlton PSV Sales and by 1990 had disappeared and the famous name seemed lost forever. In 2008, Courtesy Coaches bought the rights to the name. Yelloway now provide coaches for school contracts and for hire – very much like my local Southgate Finchley Coaches 🙂

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter X

X needs to be anywhere in the word or shaped like the letter X

Telephone Box…

Pillar Box…

Nunhead Fox…

And a MAN TGX…

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter W

Needs to start with W and have two vowels in the word.

Wireless Crystal Radio complete with Cats Whisker……Hand made to a design from Popular Wireless magazine published in 1925. The Wireless itself probably dates from a couple of years later. The coil on the right is the inductance which is in a balanced circuit with the variable capacitor inside the box (attached to the dial). The Cats Whisker and the Galena Crystal are at the back. Connections for earth and aerial are on the left.

Western Class Diesel Locomotive……D1065 ‘Western Consort’ approaches Reading Station in September 1975. The Western’s were Diesel Hydraulic locomotives and were being withdrawn from service at the time this photograph was taken as British Railways rationalised the fleet on Diesel Electric types. The Westerns were replaced by the Class 50 locomotives like the one I published in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ‘V’ post.   Western Consort was withdrawn from service 2 years after this photo and subsequently scrapped.   7 of the class have been preserved.

Walkers Waiting for the Wimbledon Train……Seen at Earls Court. They obviously had the same idea as us for New years Day – walk section 6 of the Capital Ring between Wimbledon Park and Richmond 🙂

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