The Weigh-Station

The Donut shop has closed,
The Bears are in a rage,
What does that mean for us Truckers?
It means, we’ all gonna get Weighed!


Counting The Divots

The Groundsman –
Ensures the game is on
Wishes it wasn’t!


Man, Tall in Black, leads horse
Long Gun; Longer shadow
Outlaws sought and Bounties
Paid in blood red Dollars
The bitter past revenged

Small town America; Reduced to small screen
Cinematic dusty streets,
Saloon and Outlaws, gone
Bounties Paid on delivery
Of every commodity but death

On grainy computer tarmac
Trucker drives 500 horses
Silver Dollar Freightliner
Seeking the railroad depot
Where the dark tale began…

Martin Addison – 09/03/2018