Today is a day I knew would happen
When I started writing
This sequence of poems..

I find I have nothing to add
No new verse, No new words
The pressure is on - I have deliveries..
Deliveries to do for my Community
Because my commitment
To my Trucking Friends
Pre-dates napowrimo or

And yet..
Here I am writing this!..

Time to kick the tyres 😉

Chop the Onions
Dice the Carrots
Slice the Cabbage...

Can you guess what I'm cooking?

Crush some Garlic
Slice that Chilli
Grate the Ginger

Can I guess what I'm cooking?

Find the Cumin Seed
Get some Paprika
Where's the Coriander

Now I'm not sure what I'm cooking...

Read the recipe...
I've got that, and that...
Ain't got that...
Time to adjust...

Let's add a bit of this...
How about some of that?
How does it taste?
Oooh! That's not bad!

And that's how new recipes are made 😉

Martin Addison – 07/04/2021

Damp mist's chill
Penetrates coat and body
To cling to bone
Of those exiled from inside

Solace sought in a cigarette
Just one more drag
Need tempering desire
Illusory warmth inhaled

The brutalist building
An architype to dampen the spirit
Gives a cold shoulder
And Deepens the oppressive chill

Martin Addison – 06/04/2021