Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything to do with bikes, trikes or motorcycles

There’s a short story behind these shots. I saw Cee had this bikes, etc challenge and thought “I’ll go and take some photos on my lockdown walk ready for next week”. When I got back I double checked and found that I’d misread Cee’s post and looked at the list the wrong way around! That was 6 weeks back – now I can finally publish them 🙂

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Last photo for June 2020

Once again Bushboy is asking us to show the last image taken last month, warts and all. There is a back story to this one. During May, SCS Software and Mack Trucks were celebrating the release of the Mack Anthem into American Truck Simulator. As part of that celebration they were giving away Mack merchandise to people posting images of their Mack Anthem in game with the tag #MackAnthemInAts. I was one of the lucky winners, although I had to wait most of June for the prize to arrive from the Czech Republic. When it arrived, I followed tradition within the Trucking Community and tweeted an image of my prize expressing my thanks to SCS Software and Mack Trucks. I took a series of shots in the difficult lighting of my home office for the tweet.

This image was the last of that sequence…

This was one of the screenshots that earnt me my prize…

And this was the actual shot I tweeted…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One single flower

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