Running very late with everything after a busy few days. Meant to post my entry for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge last Friday!

Here we go with Brown Bag and Shoes…

…Commuters waiting on Kentish Town station.

Khaki uniform…

…Wikipedia assures me it’s brown with a tinge of yellow 😉

And finally we have wood…

…Stained with varnish and age 🙂

Here’s my entry for Brian’s Last on the Card Challenge…

…Taken at Clapham Junction on the last day of June. This is as taken with just a resize for the internet. To get what I actually want from the shot it’s going to need to be straightened and cropped 😉

Damp mist's chill
Penetrates coat and body
To cling to bone
Of those exiled from inside

Solace sought in a cigarette
Just one more drag
Need tempering desire
Illusory warmth inhaled

The brutalist building
An architype to dampen the spirit
Gives a cold shoulder
And Deepens the oppressive chill

Martin Addison – 06/04/2021