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It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. I took a break for around 6 weeks from the middle of January until the beginning of March. I’d love to be able to tell you why but I really don’t know. Sometimes I guess we just decide subconsciously to take a break. A lot happened before that break that I haven’t reported – there was the annual Christmas Event, for example, where the community once more showed their strength in depth to wrap up the target deliveries on New Years Eve. It was my non-company trucks in my other profiles that handled all of that.

Moving on to March and we all know that there were now unpalatable real events happening in the world. SCS Software – like many other companies – find themselves faced with a trading dilemma. They also have a personnel crisis as some of their employees are from Ukraine. Their boss felt he had a decision to make regards the unfolding events and the next map release which was almost complete. I think at this point I should pass you over to the SCS Software statement – please read it so you understand where we are currently.

So, we find ourselves in the unusual position where a company has had to take a decision that will alienate some of their customers. I have lost a personal Russian friend who at that point said that games should never be about politics and promptly disconnected from everyone as well as changing his pro-ETS2 / ATS recommendations on Steam to negatives. It’s a bad situation – I feel I have to side with SCS on the stance they have taken. Many other computer games actually rely on east-west politics and the associated subterfuge to create their scenarios – Call of Duty is a case in point – so, unfortunately, politics are very much a part of gaming and definitely sell a lot of games of which, ironically Euro Truck Simulator isn’t one.

I’m not here to talk about the tragic suffering happening in Ukraine and the plight of the refugees looking for safety elsewhere. We should do our best to help within the limits of our personal capabilities. This post should be about the game and it should not be subject to Putin’s whims and behaviours. So I’m going to talk very briefly about where SCS could and possibly should focus their attentions now that the DLC that would have added central Russia to the map is on hold. I’m sorry if that sounds callous but it is part of my way of dealing with things that are largely beyond my control.

Currently there is a big hole in the map between Italy and Romania – it really needs filling. We need the likes of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Greece added in to fill that void. So that is where I think the mappers who can no longer complete the previous project should be redeployed. I have several friends playing the game from that area who would welcome the chance to drive in their home countries. I actually didn’t understand why we skipped straight to central Russia in the first place anyway. An alternative idea…

…Now we have the Iberia map, why not expand into North Africa? That would be a big step but surely it’s an option? Unless we’re going to see a third title – African Truck Simulator – at some stage in the future? Morocco and Tunisia would add some new challenges and some different scenery.

We have a can of worms for the foreseeable future. In the interim, Lady Galadriel has taken on the lead role in my company profile. She advertises that she is #TruckingForPeace and she wears DAF Unity Edition paint job as a sign that we are all one…

Meanwhile, in my non-company profile, Carmen has the Ukrainian Flag to show our support…

I hope and pray for a peaceful resolution to the current conflict. Some famous politician once said ‘Truth is the first casualty of war’ but I think that another first casualty is our ability to see people as individuals – suddenly my ex-friend is just one of ‘The Russians’ – that can’t be right☹️

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