Return of the Mack

For my regulars that title can only mean one thing… Cyrus has fixed the Mack Ultraliner for American Truck Sim and Here she is 🙂
…Canis Majoris rides again! I now have my two favourite Cab-Overs in the US in the shape of the Freightliner FLB and this lovely Mack so I’m very happy. In Euro Truck Sim I’m driving the venerable Scania 113 and the Renault Magnum. Between the 4 vehicles mentioned we’ve cleared off this year’s Christmas Delivery Challenge and earned our rewards. Looking forward to the next Event from the team at SCS. Looking forward to a lot of new deliveries from them too in 2018 – they sound like they’re up for it!

I’m mindful that some visitors may have been lured here by the title with the wrong return in mind 😉 So here’s Mark Morrison’s track on YouTube…


Welcome Aboard

Until now all I’ve shown of my trucking adventures has been screen shots and words describing what you are likely to encounter on a drive. Today I decided to experiment with the gameplay recording function in Windows 10. The resulting video has been uploaded to YouTube. The quality isn’t quite as good as what I see when driving in game – especially the dashboard indications. But overall it gives a good impression of what driving a truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is like. The job was to take a load of gifts from Duisburg to Strasbourg for the Christmas Delivery Event. I found myself missing a lot of gear changes early on because, let’s be honest, I was nervous. I’ve never recorded myself driving in-game before!

The video is 40mins long and I’m sure that most of you may prefer some pointers to interesting bits so here’s a list of times where something is happening.

1:50 – Collecting the load
8:50 – Cut up by a brown SUV and then a white saloon decides to drive into my trailer! An example of some bad AI behaviour 🙂
18:00 – Multi-vehicle incident on the Autobahn.
19:50 – Passing the Berlin Airlift Memorial at Rhein Main Airbase, Frankfurt – it’s on the right.
22:25 – Jousting for position with a coach and flatbed van while leaving the Autobahn
25:45 – Trying to decide whose turn it is at the crossroads. Nice Scania driver let me go.
28:10 – SUV on wrong side of the road!
29:00 – Crossing Franco-German border.
34:10 – Making a pigs ear of the roundabout at Strasbourg 😉
36:45 – Mis-read Satnav and overshot red light incurring €360 fine!

Of course – you may want to just sit back and enjoy the ride. It can be quite therapeutic 🙂

Condiments of the Seasoning

May I wish all of my readers and everyone else out there in the blogosphere, the very best for the festive season and the new year. I hope you all have a great year ahead of you and that we cross paths regularly throughout the year to come 🙂

…Christmas Sunset in Roswell (NM) 🙂