A vision in red
The dress shimmers
In time with the strings
The strummed guitar
Guides her feet
Enforces the flow

Castanets clack
The Loud staccato mirrors
Staccato steps
At odds with the flowing dress
Motion driven by sensual hips
Reflected in bright red lips

Face part hidden
By fan spread wide
Though her eyes dance in time
Every stray thought
Sought and denial cast
On all who show desire

For this is Art
Played with passion
And danced with pride

Martin Addison – 15/04/2021

As part of our Euro Truck Simulator 2 Cruising Iberia event Madeleine, one of my trucks, has received a special paint scheme celebrating the art of Flamenco. She also carries the flags of the Aragon and Catalan regions to celebrate the reconnection of old alliances with the south of France from centuries ago.

The weekend passed
The real world became
A string of glimpses
As my driving passion gripped
Punctuated by cups of tea
An occasional meal
Breaking the flow

Twenty cities discovered
That was the target
Personal work done
Now I drive at slower pace
Delivering for our community
Real life allowed to reassert
Slowly once more...

Martin Addison – 13/04/2021

After completion of my personal target in the SCS Software #CruisingIberia community event in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Server Under Maintenance
We all know what that means
It's a long awaited upgrade
The Iberia map DLC

We're busy getting ready
The hours tick slowly by
A little over 5 to go
The agonising time

Then we'll hit the road
We've a challenge to complete
An event in celebration
To salute the mappers feat

Martin Addison – 08/04/2021