Roads Less Travelled

This is very much a trucking post. With the Open Beta testing of v1.35 in full swing I have been doing my bit to identify any problems with the changes being delivered. Testing has meant starting from scratch and working up to owning a first truck and trailer. For this I have been doing almost all my testing in Euro Truck as one of the key changes this time is in the World of Trucks arena. We are going to be able to use our own trailers for WoT jobs and Martin transport et Logistique will be in a position to take advantage of that. I’m not looking to test this in American Truck because Republik is a Bakersfield based truckers Cooperative offering haulage power to anyone who needs it. “Truckers Cooperative? – Sounds downright Communis’ to me” – Senator McCarthy will be spinning in his grave! 😉 So that’s why I’m concentrating on Euro truck for this testing.

Because I’m testing, I have started from scratch in a clean test profile. I’ve built up to the level where I can afford to buy a truck with a loan and then pushed on to buy a trailer to go with that truck. Again, because I’m testing this is not part of the Martin company but just a solo build, so you won’t be seeing our normal colours in this post. I decided to buy a basic level DAF XF with no additional features. The only concession was a slightly higher powered engine (410HP). Everything else is stock and that includes no GPS – of which more later.

Another change that I was eager to try was the ownership of Schwarzmüller trailers. I believe this was one of the first trailer manufacturers to come on board with SCS and allow their trailers to be accurately portrayed in the game so it’s good to be able to buy them for our companies. Yesterday I reached the point where I had the money to buy their curtainside trailer for my testing. Here is the DAF XF and Schwarzmüller trailer combo sitting outside my basic garage in Montpellier……I think that’s a good looking combo 🙂

One thing that always surprises me is the way that our choices influence the way that things pan out in the SCS truck sims. I’ve been driving all over Europe to the point where I’ve achieved close on 1500 hours in the game. Yet, possibly because I drive in a company orientated manner, there are some roads that I rarely travel. In fact this first example is a road that I don’t think I have ever travelled! The delivery was from Montpellier to Torino and we routed via Rousset. There’s no way I would have forgotten crossing that dam (not least because I’ve seen it when watching the Tour de France!), so I guess I’ve never driven this road before…

Then it was north from Torino to Zurich and another road that I don’t think I have used more than once routing through the Alps to Bern…
…and that’s one of the joys of Beta Testing – it gets you out of any rut you may be running in 🙂 But it also got me thinking. Here I am doing lots of driving without a GPS. It adds a level of challenge assuming I don’t turn on the game’s own HUD for the route I should follow. I’ve really enjoyed the additional burden of checking the map before leaving, and if unsure of position, pulling over somewhere safe to recheck where I’m going. There may have been some missed turns and moments of being lost along the way but that adds to the fun 🙂 I think this may become a sub series of Trucking Digest – ‘Travels with my Aunt’ comes to mind as a title with the truck being Auntie Daph. Of course in ATS it could be travels with Uncle Mack 😉 We’ll see!


Trucking Digest

The last few weeks have been a busy time in Euro Truck Sim 2 with the #OneTruckFamily event set up by SCS Software with the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. The event finally completed last Monday as deliveries were made to London. I don’t often come to England – in fact I haven’t been to London since v1.32 dropped back in September last year and I created a new profile! How different ETS2 life is to IRL 😉

I have shown some images from this event in a couple of recent posts but I thought I’d close out with a couple more screenshots to illustrate how game changes can result in changes of heart regards certain trucks. I’ve written before about not really liking DAF trucks very much. These vehicles have had a bit of a makeover in the last year or so and have also received their own tuning pack. During the event I thought I’d give one of these a try once again as part of my effort to add variety to my event related tweets. I opted for the XF 105 which has the older style cab and I fitted the 510HP PACCAR engine. There is a special paint scheme for the Space Cab version and I gave that a racy-red base colour. The biggest issue for me remains the design of the instrument cluster but I gritted my teeth and set out on the road…
Initially it was a struggle adapting to that dash but perseverance is important in real and virtual trucking. It took a few runs but I started to develop a liking for this particular vehicle. That put me in a bit of a quandary. If the truck was going to stay then it would have to be repainted because Martin Transport et Logistique has a livery policy relating to the company’s general freight and heavy haul divisions. This truck belongs in the general freight division and should therefore be painted in the company’s metallic blue – that’s if I am going to retain her. I swapped over to the Scania R580 of our heavy haul division to do some deliveries while I pondered the situation. Here she is in the marina at Ancona after dropping off one of the racing truck trailers – the security guys said it was ok to park there while I went to get some food…
Several runs later and I had decided to keep the DAF XF 105 (I think the improvements made by the rework of DAF trucks combined with my upgraded monitor may have helped). So, it was back to the workshop for a repaint and some other cosmetic changes to bring her into line with company policy but retain her Gaffer’s Truck status. This is what she looks like now……Quite a change! and here is the cab interior during a drive through a rather wet northern Germany. The model truck on the dash was a reward for completing the #OneTruckFamily event…
To conclude my, limited, coverage of the event, five of my company’s trucks took part. The others were the vintage Volvo F16, MAN Euro 6 560HP XLX, and the Scania R450. I would like to have included our Volvo FH16 which is currently out and about with one of my lady employees but I couldn’t find a positioning run to Limoges where she is based so the swap didn’t happen. SCS put together a video with some stats from the event and included greetings from some of FIA ETRC drivers – you can watch that on the SCS Blog.
That concludes this edition of Trucking Digest but I’ll be back in another post with news as SCS reveal what is coming in update 1.35 which has just entered open Beta testing – be warned – this is a huge update! 🙂

Days Work Done

Resting in the evening sun
reflecting on another
Days work done

Recalling glory days when
we ran before the pack
to get our work done

Resting in the cool night
knowing tomorrow was another day
to get work done

Running hot in desert sun
miles to go before a cool beer
to celebrate work done

Humming songs accompanying
humming wheels
getting the work done

So I’m wonderin’ now
how many more days
before work is finally done

And I can rest
just rest and drink
the fuel of memories

Then I’ll know the Days Work is Truly Done!

Martin Addison: 16/04/2019 – Image from American Truck Simulator.