One thing that has come out of my Freedom Pass Project is the Spotting Out-Take. Basically, I share a shot on twitter that suggests that it was a good day to be train spotting. It’s very unusual for that shot to actually have a train in it😉 Although it’s usually on the station👍 This isn’t a new thing, I have often included photos of passengers amongst my train shots before but Twitter has given them a purpose.

So here’s this elderly Lady texting at Baker Street. She realised I was taking a photo and struck a pose, for which I’m grateful – without a Human presence, this would be a dead shot👍

Baker Street Texts

I posted the shot with the patient and nurse at Watford a few days back – that was another example. Here’s a slightly different situation. Do you ever sit down and enjoy reading your texts/book with your dog, in the sun, on a railway station? If not, perhaps you should…

Sunning on London Bridge

On a much larger scale, everyone knows you meet under the clock at Waterloo don’t they? If not, they do now😉

Meet at the Clock - Waterloo

Sometimes it’s not the passengers that provide the Out-Take – A Network Rail employee working at Shenfield acknowledges the warning toot from a passing Track Maintenance Machine…