CMMC – September Autumn or Spring

Autumn in the UK still looks green, even if it is a dull dark green! In my garden, the Cyclamen is flowering…

…and the new leaves are just appearing. I bought this plant as a Mothers Day present over 40 years ago – to be flowering in the spring, it must have been forced by the grower. When it didn’t flower the next spring my Mum thought it had died, but I decided to plant the corm under the tree in the garden. It has expanded quite a bit over the years from that single corm and puts on a pretty display each autumn 🙂

A trip down to the pasture, our local nature reserve, to find an end of season Teasel -its final flower providing nectar for a solitary Brown Banded Carder Bee…

Food for Bees may be running out but there’s a good store of food waiting for the birds with berries adorning the Rowan…

…and the Hawthorn…

Autumn, of course, brings its share of inclement weather as we move towards winter. I got soaked through photographing our football match on Saturday…

…The match was a draw, so we’ve got to play again on Tuesday when, you’ve guessed it, rain is forecast 😉

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