August was not a great month for photographs. I had an issue with my left foot – probably brought on by too much driving of the old Mack truck in American Truck Simulator! My usual excuse for going out, trainspotting – was disrupted by industrial action. The upshot is that last month, only the Canon 5D mkIII saw any use and as a result there is only one photo for Brian’s Last on the card challenge 😦

Of course, if there’s one thing I was always going to photo it was the football. The last shot for August was taken on the 29th when Wingate & Finchley visited Haringey Borough…

Last on Card_August22

…This is just about the last kick of the game. A Haringey defender, hidden by our 5 and 11, clears an intercepted pass and at that point the Ref blew the final whistle. It was a scrappy game ending 0-0. We did actually get the ball in the net but the assistant ruled it off-side. All I can say looking back at the photos is that it must have been very tight. I think Freddie may have been robbed of a perfectly good goal and Wingate & Finchley of 2 points! – Ho humm…

The start of a new month and time to display my Last on Card photos for Brian’s challenge.

Let’s start with the Moto g50. This shot was taken for one of my Nuts & Bolts posts to illustrate my method of recording which parts on an engine need replacing with new…

Last on Card JUL22_g50

…Apart from a change of name for this post, you can’t tell the difference as all I did for the original post was resize for web!

Now the Canon EOS5d mkIII…

Last on Card JUL22_EOS5D

…Taken at our pre-season friendly against Coggeshall Town on 16th July – the game ended in a 1-1 draw. It was my last match for a while. On the 19th I deemed it too hot to attend – the temperature reached 40.3C that afternoon, which is outside the camera’s official operating window (as well as mine)! Then on Thursday 21st I went down with what turned out to be covid. Now I’m hoping to be fit to do the Team Photos on August 11th🤞🏻

To finish, here’s a shot taken with the Fuji X-Pro2…

Last on Card JUL22_XPro2

…The Pigeons living it large in our bird bath!

As usual just a resize for the web and no other changes.

Cee wants us to come up with shots containing Red, Green and/or Blue for the Midweek Madness Challenge. I thought it would be nice to get all 3 colours in each shot – It’s not that easy, though nature can often help out with the Greens.

Football can often be relied upon – here’s an RGB mix…

Wingate & Finchley 4 vs New Salamis 0 (Pre-Season Friendly 2022/23)

…Taken during our pre-season friendly last week against New Salamis (Red and White striped kit).

Digging back in the archives. Here’s my Son posing with two of the Vatican’s Swiss Guards…

Guardia Svizzera Pontificia

…Lots of Red and Blue in their uniforms but Alasdair has all 3 colours – check his trainers!

Flags and Paint!..

Diners on Augustinergasse

…RGB on Augustinergasse in Zurich.

Finally, a Class 458 unit passing through Mortlake…


…Plenty of Red and Blue on the unit and a Green car on the road alongside – not to mention the trees and bushes😅👍