A Funny Thing…

…Happened on the way to Södertälje.

First, a little background. Until March this year it was almost impossible to pick up a speeding fine in Euro Truck. You had to be spotted by a speed camera and they were only to be found on dual-carriageways and occasionally in towns. However, with the Police patrolling in numbers over in the US I guess we all knew it was only a matter of time before active policing appeared in Euro Truck as well. They appeared on the streets with the 1.27 update.

The ai Police are tricksy little hobbitses. Squadrons of winged pigs spawn around areas where you’re likely to accidentally speed. Road works are a favourite hang out as are French villages with very low 30km speed limits. I was on a curved slip-road in Germany the other day when a police car that was at right-angles to me on the Autobahn issued a speeding fine. Clearly, the filth are all seeing and this one had a speed gun that shoots round corners! Another little trick is to sneak up behind you and hide by driving so close to your trailer that you can’t see them in your mirrors – which leads me onto my little story.

On Monday evening as I was driving my delivery of Paint from Olsztyn to Södertälje I met some road works just south of Gdańsk. I was slowing to the speed limit but I passed the 50km sign at around 55. Cue an immediate €1100 fine from a Pig-sty that was driving right up the back of my trailer 😦 I continued slowing and passed the inner speed limit of 30km at around 27kmh. Then PC Plod pulled out from behind and promptly overtook me (changing lanes in road works is something that is discouraged in the UK). Anyway, this member of the filth must have been watching me in his mirrors and gloating so much that he didn’t see the stationary car waiting to turn left at the crossroads ahead and drove straight into the back of it 😉 It’s great when they get their come-uppance 🙂

A less stressful encounter with the fuzz on the autobahn near München

Disclaimer: No ai police were hurt in the making of this post and I hold real-life Police Officers in the highest regard.

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