CMMC: January Amber Colors

I was surprised at the variety of colours that can be considered as ‘Amber’ – That means there’s a lot of leeway for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge this time 😊

Let me start with a football shot taken last season…

Cheshunt 3 vs Wingate & Finchley 0 (2021/22)

…Cheshunt FC in their Black and Amber kit. They are also known as The Ambers😅

Fields of Wheat, ready to harvest in 2013…

Rectory Farm

…And no, it isn’t a screenshot from Farming Simulator 🤣 – Rectory Farm, Enfield.

Here’s a very old bus photo (1980)…

Rhymny GNY433C JUN80

…A Rhymney Valley Leyland PD3 parks up after dropping off its passengers in Cardiff.

Here’s a butterfly…

Small Skipper on Creeping Thistle

…A Small Skipper feeding on Creeping Thistle.


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