Last Friday was the first time since February that I have been out and about with a camera.  It was a bit surreal at first but hopefully, with slightly eased exercise rules now applying I can start to get a bit further afield.  However, the first foray was just a wander round the local area.

The Mamas and Papas would have had a problem stopping by the church……Church services may not be currently happening, but bus services continue at a reduced level……and with revised boarding arrangements……through the centre doors only.

While human activity is reduced – nature is fully up to speed with spring and early summer plants in bloom. Oxeye Daisy……beside the North Circular Road along with Ragwort……while on Long Lane Pasture, the Irises are flowering……and the Damselflies are hunting and mating.

Here’s some letters and a symbol…

Letters and Numbers are often combined in London for bus routes in a certain area. This E7, for example, is a route in the Ealing area…..Just across the corner from West Ealing station. Bus routes in Harrow and Hounslow areas tend to be allocated H numbers. U for Uxbridge, W for Wood Green. It all makes sense doesn’t it? Well, not entirely because in Golders Green we will find the H2 and H3 which don’t go anywhere near Harrow or Hounslow……Remnant’s of an era of local hail and ride ‘Hoppa’ services – this one’s in Finchley. And as for the C routes……This C3 might be going to Clapham Junction as it passes through Chelsea, but other C routes go to Parliament Hill Fields, Archway, Victoria and Canada Water – perhaps it just means they serve central London along with a lot of purely ‘numbered’ routes. Confusing isn’t it 😉

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