CMMC September Close Up or Macro

After a weekend break it’s time to catch up with Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge 🙂

Let’s start with Crassula ovata…

Money Plant

…Growing from a single fallen, leaf it has just started to branch.

Meanwhile, in the garden…


…One of our resident snails foraging for algae on a fence post.

Another indoor plant, an Orchid…


…If you recognise the type of Orchid, please let me know in the comments!

Finally, something electro-mechanical…

Lit grill

…Do not adjust your eyes! 😉


    1. I think your snails will be firmly shut up in their shells, trying to retain moisture and waiting for cooler weather. A lot of them will die if the heatwave is prolonged. Our snails have been conspicuous by their absence for much of our hot dry summer but the recent rain has allowed them to come out of hiding. Glad you like our pot-plants – Keep Well Debra 🙂

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