In Sadness…

In the moment of passing, that which sustained us when all else may have seemed lost or too difficult has been taken from us. Today I mourn our Queen and remember how much she inspired so many of us, her subjects. May she rest in peace. God Save the Queen!

Today a new Monarch takes to the throne. May he find the wisdom to lead by good example. Long Live the King!


  1. Amen, Martin. This American really respected the Queen and has felt a strong solidarity with you and all those who have lived under her gracious rule. We are following the beautiful services and although a very sad occasion, learning so much about the history behind protocols and tradition, and genuinely touched by the nation’s mourning. I will be going without sleep next week in order to attend the funeral service. I feel fortunate that so much is televised.

    1. There is some background anger here that the Queen was flown from Edinburgh to London rather than passing through the country aboard the Royal Train. It has denied a lot of people the chance of saying farewell. On a happier note, among those performing the first 6-hour shift of the vigil in Westminster Hall was the doctor at Epi’s medical practice – he was the shorter of the 2 in the Dark Blue uniform of the Blues and Royals šŸ™‚ There’s a lot of background things that don’t make it onto TV – I understand that a lot of the troops are suffering from blisters because the ceremonial boots are not as forgiving as their normal footwear! I hope you enjoy the rest of the ‘event’.

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