CMMC – August Pick a Topic from my Photo

After a ‘Truck’ related break I’m back to take part in Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge. Cee’s photo this week is a rather nice blue vessel – not sure if it’s a fishing vessel or a tug and she has suggested boat, golden hour, night, ship, stormy sky, blue, rock, water, bay, blue, orange, as possible subjects. So lets start with something similar…

Fuengirola Harbour

…Fishing vessels in Fuengirola Harbour. We also have clouds, water, blue, letters and numbers, and some rather large rocks in the distance 😅

Here’s a view at Crystal Palace…

Crystal Palace Bus Station

…with Stormy Skies overhead the bus station.

Hendon Central Station…

Hendon Central

…Golden hour, blue, orange lights.

Finally, Centrebus 113 in St Albans…

Centrebus 113 (L713 JUD), St. Albans

Orange and Blue 👍

Catch up with Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge here.


  1. I enjoyed your selection of photos. Each one was very pleasing! And I think you covered Cee’s challenge about as thoroughly as anyone could have, Martin. 🙂

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