Sun on the back
Burns through the black
A coat - still needed
Wards off the Winter chill
In the cold blue
Of the empty sky

Though Spring has sprung
Its Daffodils are gone
Golden hordes forgotten
Until next year
Now Daisies pepper the grass
Of the Central Square

Basking in the glory
Of a bright Spring day
The square within a rectangle
A space to display...
The churches, the school...
The architecture of Lutyens 

This poem was published for glopowrimo/napowrimo and it is also my entry for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge which is hosted this week by BeckyB. We’ve been asked to provide Bright Rectangles and I can assure you the sun was very bright yesterday!

Last in this series…

One thing that I have noticed on trips abroad or even on a visit to central London, just down the road so to speak, is that tourists themselves are potentially a good photographic subject when travelling. I am an inveterate street photographer! Capturing the locals as they go about their business is great and can really give an understanding of the atmosphere of a place. Catching the tourists – and they often outnumber the locals at historic sites – can be a rewarding study of human behaviour 🙂

The Forum in Rome is always full of tourists and people selling water (it gets hot down there). As an historically important site it is special but I wonder how many other visitors were surprised like me at how small an area it actually covers? On my first visit I was expecting something on the grand scale of Ben Hur or Quo Vadis. Of course, when you look beyond the Forum and go up to the palaces on the hills around then you start to get a cinematic sense of scale. But down in the bottom of the valley, it all seems rather small. Much here is about the detail – the carvings on individual stones – the inscriptions – because the buildings have long ceased to be imposing, now just shadows of their former grandeur.

As we walked amidst the ruins, admiring those details and trying to avoid spending too much time in direct sun, I came upon these two young ladies posing for each other…

…In many ways they were bringing life to an otherwise dead world. I wonder if they knew they were posing in the Temple of Vesta and the conotations of being a Vestal Virgin? But then I wonder if they were students putting together a portfolio of images for their course. Tourists, like locals, can be fascinating subjects 🙂