An Experimental View

An experimental processing of a shot taken with the Moto g50. I thought it would be interesting to create a set of exposures from the original and then combine them to make a pseudo HDR shot. Here’s what I got: –


Dusk on Long Lane_HDR

Black & White…

Dusk on Long Lane_HDR_B&W

and Sepia…

Dusk on Long Lane_HDR_Sepia

I used a 5-stop spread of post-processing exposures to get this effect. The grain is quite intrusive compared with what I’d expect from a similar piece of processing using a shot from one of my cameras. However, I think the Sepia view is nicely atmospheric 😎


    1. I know a lot of mobile phones have editing software to allow you to make changes to an image. My Fuji cameras do offer the choice to produce the jpeg in b&w and can also simulate the effect of using a red, yellow or green filter – I have occasionally used these as the RAW file remains colour, so if I want to produce a normal colour jpeg later I still can. There is a grainy setting too but I’ll probably never use it 😅

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