I’m going to have to talk about when to buy your Truck in a future post but for tonight, as I’ve had a busy day working for the football club, let me quickly introduce you to the first trucks for my new profile companies. Both are stalwarts of previous iterations of my trucking companies and much loved.

In American Truck Simulator and operating out of Ontario, here’s Motown Dog…


…The Dog likes flowers 😉 Motown Dog is a Mack R with a 335HP Detroit Diesel 6V-92TA engine. That’s a 2-stroke, so it sounds like she’s doing a ton when she’s cruising at 50mph. 10 speed manual gearbox keeps me busy on hilly sections. Although she’s a bit underpowered, that engine has a reputation for reliability and good fuel economy. The trailer belongs to the company too and is a Lode King drop deck which should fit well with our plant and supplies business model – that was only released by SCS Software last week!😎

In Euro Truck, Azyet returns. Azyet is a DAF 105 series truck. She has a 460HP PACCAR engine and a 12 speed automatic gearbox. Operating out of our home in Montpellier, here she is posing outside our decrepit garage with one of our company curtain side trailers…


…I trialled the paint scheme that Azyet is wearing on a new generation DAF XF just before changing out my gaming pc. I wasn’t sure if it would work for Azyet but I think it makes her look young again 😎👍

As warned at the start of this post, I will be covering the thorny subject of when to buy your first truck in another Trucking Digest soon. In the interim, I have some other subjects to deal with 😉