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Ok – This will be the last in this mini-series aimed at new players starting out in Euro Truck and American Truck Simulator. Today I’m going to talk about one of the big changes since the last time I did a beginners series – Trailers you can own. But before I do that I have to talk about types of jobs because owning your own truck has changed what is available to you.

The immediate impact of buying your own truck is that Freight Market jobs become available. These are exactly the same as Quick Jobs, except you drive to the pick-up location and hook up to the trailer belonging to the in game company whose job you’ve accepted. Just because you now own a truck, doesn’t stop you from choosing to do a Quick Job (in fact there are certain achievements that will still require you do do Quick Jobs to earn them). But, if you look at the Job Market, you’ll find that there is another class of job that is greyed out. This is the External Market – jobs from World of Trucks. It may have the same initials and is often referred to as WoT, but the External Market is operated by SCS Software and has nothing whatsoever to do with World of Tanks. Once you own your own truck and if you are going to be a committed community member, you should create a World of Trucks account and link it to your Truck Simulator profile.

WoT jobs offer an additional aspect to gameplay as SCS often run community events through the External Contract Jobs. They also give access to a number of additional game achievements. Whilst very similar to Freight Market jobs, WoT jobs are real time rather than game time and they don’t have tiers of difficulty like Important and Urgent. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get jobs that require you to drive with a degree of urgency – whilst many jobs will allow you nearly 24 hours of real time to complete them, you will find some that you need to complete in much less time than that. Azyet and I had one of those earlier in the week – here’s my Tweet on the subject…

…You’ll guess that when dealing with real world time jobs, experience is an important part of knowing what can be done! You’ll notice that Azyet is hauling one of my own trailers and I’ve jumped the gun slightly here, but this is where we came in so lets talk about those.

So – Owned Trailers. You can buy these from the trailer dealer and unlike the trucks you don’t need to have discovered a dealer. Here’s a shot of the trailer purchase screen – in this case it’s showing Schwarzmüller trailers…


…which is a dlc that you can purchase, but there are standard trailers available that are part of the base game. Here’s the customize screen for a standard Curtainside Trailer…


..You’ll notice that, like the trucks, modification options become available at levels that you reach. Additionally, some options may not be available depending on where you are based or where you intend to use the trailer…


When you own a trailer, your possible job choices increase once more – you can now do Cargo Market and External Market jobs in addition to the previously mentioned options – Azyet, in my tweet above, was tackling an External Market job.

Trailers open up the opportunity to operate your company realistically – you can read about how my European company operates differently to my US company in a previous post. There are some benefits to ownership, having your own trailers gives a more relaxing experience most of the time and you get paid a fair bit more for doing the same job. However, you will need to maintain them and they limit the type of job you will be offered. My curtainsider is a good general haulage option and will take a wide range of cargoes but it won’t take petrol or heavy machinery. If you’re going to own your own trailers you should be buying trailers that will allow you to haul what you wish. I have my companies profiled out – you might want to do the same before you go down the trailer owner road 😎

I think I’ve covered most of the things that a new player of the Truck Simulator series from SCS Software might find confusing and I hope that what I’ve said will be beneficial. If anyone has some gameplay questions (other than “Why do you waste time playing this”) please ask below 😎👍

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