Dragged – Kicking & Screaming (2)…

Back in 2013 I wrote about the pain of changing my mobile phone. Back then I bought a Blackberry. It has served me well but time has now caught up with it. It has had a couple of cranky moments in the past year. The weekend before last I found it had totally flattened the battery while in my pocket and deleted all my contacts 😦 Sadly, that was the last straw – time for a change. Blackberry have just recently turned off their servers (not a part of my issue) and the rumoured Blackberry smart phone has never materialised. In those circumstances, I was going to be looking at a new manufacturer.

The good news is that my Son has been using smartphones for a number of years now and I could draw on his insight while choosing my replacement. He has used Motorola almost all the time and currently has the g10. He did have a brief flirtation with Nokia but that didn’t work out. As he seems very happy with Motorola, I decided that would probably be a good option for me and Epi. Alasdair and I spent some time comparing specifications and prices over the last days of the Christmas break before he went back to Uni and by the time he departed I’d narrowed down the shortlist to the Moto g9 or the g50. When the Blackberry bowled its last googly, I checked the prices again. As luck would have it, several outlets had the Moto g50 reduced, so I opted for that.

As you may imagine, Epi and I are now getting up to speed with our new phones. It’s been a blend of confusion and enlightenment as facilities gradually get tried out 😉 Trying to answer the first incoming call was fun – I thought you just had to press the virtual button but no – you have to swipe up! I rang back and was pleased to find Noel at the other end – a lost contact reconnected 🙂 One thing I did notice is that the phone warns you if a number that’s calling is suspected to be spam – big thumbs up for that 🙂

Since I bought the Blackberry all those years ago, one thing that has improved beyond recognition is the phone camera. Last night I tried it out on the way home from the football match – photographing an oversize load convoy that we were passing…

..Not quite as good as I would expect with the Canon but not too shabby either. This morning I took a stroll in my local area to try out some less challenging shots on a gloomy winter’s day. Here’s a selection…

Just crops and resizes, nowt else done on all of the above. Colour rendition and clarity seem very good and I shall be happy to use the phone when I haven’t got one of my cameras with me 🙂


  1. It’s good that you’re a photographer and that you know how to photograph and any camera you use can be put to great use. Otherwise I’d be… A number of negative emotions😂 Keep up the good ‘mobile’ work but don’t get to choose between Moto and Canon… Pst, Canon all the way xD

    1. Fret ye not Vasilije – If I’m going out to do photography, I will have the Fuji and its lenses with me. The mobile will be handy if I’m out shopping and see something worth taking a shot of.

  2. We’ve seen a lot of changes in our years with mobile phones, haven’t we Martin? I remember thinking that my Blackberry was about as good as it could ever get! And now my smart phone really does function as a computer for me, and I can’t believe how many ways I rely on it. Even 10 years ago I couldn’t have imagined. I’m glad for you. I’m also glad you had Alisdair to help you compare models. I use my kids a lot when I’m shopping technology! I have a 12-year old granddaughter who knows a lot more than I do! 🙂

    1. It’s handy to bounce things off the kids isn’t it Debra 😉 I’m pleased with the phone although it’s a bit bulky – funny how we used to complain about house-bricks and now we’re happy to use something almost as big! I had a laugh with my Serbian friend – he was worried I was going to be spending a lot of time on Twitter when I’m out and about. I assured him that wasn’t going to happen – Twitter is for when I’m on the pc only 😉

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