CMMC – January Pick a Topic from my Photo

Hitting Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge a bit earlier this week as Wingate & Finchley have a long away trip tomorrow and then I’ll have the match photos to sort out afterwards.

Bearing in mind that Cee was thinking of summertime and colorful photos, I’m digging in the back catalogue to find something suitable. Here’s an October shot of some trees on Hampstead Heath…

Clouds were part of Cee’s offering, so here’s some of mine – Kew Gardens with an Airbus A380 in April…

…Got some shrubs and small evergreen trees in there too. Or, if you prefer, there’s some late evening clouds and blue sky over Marbella in December…

Aeroplanes can be found in the clouds – this Bae 146 painted in blue and white, is company demonstrator G-SSHH…

…Photographed at Hatfield in July 1982 – a summer shot at last 😉

Finally a current shot, taken last week – Blue sky, a large Buddleia bush and three Sparrows catching the early morning rays in a bid to get warm after a frosty night…


  1. The beautiful sky over Marbella is really gorgeous! But I love the little sparrows, too. I’m getting a little hungry for warmer days and at least a hint of spring, so I enjoyed each photo!

    1. It was a lovely evening there in the south of Spain on a Christmas break Debra. Sometimes winter provides more beauty than the heat of summer and there’s usually more clarity because of the lack of haze. I’m assuming your Spring is similar months to ours, so there’s just about 10 weeks before it arrives. But nature isn’t as rigid as our calendars – I can remember sunbathing on Crewe station in the middle of February back in the 1970’s! Warmer days will be here before you know it 🙂

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