Visits to the North Circular Road with my camera sometimes bear fruit.
The subject is probably very rich in Iron and definitely not rotten – so no good for throwing at politicians then!
I wonder if he’s off to a job in Vine Street? And does it smell of cats like the good old Ailsa Craig?

Tomato Plant Volvo GF57NKA passes through Finchley.
Tomato Plant Volvo GF57NKA passes through Finchley.

Much of my photography is in London – a very urban environment. At ground level buildings crowd around making many images more suited to the vertical format than the traditional horizontal of landscapes. One way to circumvent this issue is to find a high point with a view across the urban sprawl. Here are three shots that I hope meet this week’s challenge…

The Olympic Park, Stratford.
Olympic Park

View from Mill Field.View from Mill Field

A406 in The Roding Valley.A406 in Roding Valley

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