Trucking Digest

Over a month since the last digest and a lot to cover, so let’s get on with it. December opened with the delivery of v1.36 changes to Euro Truck on the 3rd, bringing detours into that version of the game for the first time along with the other improvements including the move to DirectX 11. It also brought the island of Corsica for those who own the France DLC. For such a small island, there are a lot of towns there for us to deliver to. I took a fleeting visit to Bastia on the morning of the 5th, running up the eastern coast road from Porto Vecchio through Aleria……SCS have really captured the atmosphere in their creation of this addition to our maps. I would have liked to stay longer and I will probably buy a garage here for the company – Ajaccio would make a good off-shore option. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay because – The Road to the Black Sea DLC released on afternoon of 5th December and I had to head back to the mainland and drive east for that.

Every new map created for ETS2 pushes the quality bar ever higher, following the new standards that initially appeared with American Truck Simulator, and The Road to the Black Sea is no exception. This DLC gives us Romania, Bulgaria and the European side of Turkey to drive in. Here are some screenshots…

…To claim that I have seen everything already would be a lie – there is too much to see, too many roads to drive – It would take more than the two weeks I’ve had to explore! I have had chance to pass by Cousin Vlad’s Castle though it was still dark and he was out and about – must visit in daytime if I want to catch him at home!..

I say I’ve had two weeks but even that is a lie because on the 10th December SCS threw in another long-awaited addition into the ATS mix with the delivery of the International LoneStar. This is a truck that almost certainly divides opinions on styling……I wasn’t sure that I would like it but as I tweeted; Not sure about the styling – guess it will grow on me… Love the dash… Dislike the mirrors for normal driving – but they’re good when parking… Which you can see from this in-cab shot during the above delivery to Eddy’s……She has grown on me and I will be keeping her – in fact I may well order some more for our fleet. here she is climbing Donner Pass…

Of course, it’s nearly Christmas and all us Virtual truckers know what that means; It’s Christmas Community Event time! This year the theme is Giving – you can read about it on SCS’ Blog. This was my tweet on it; ‘The @SCSsoftware
#BestCommunityEver is on the road again delivering Pressie Power to the People for #XmasGrandGiving – Lets Go!’……moody view of a power-station complex in Romania on my way to Hunedoara. I’ll cover my adventures during this event in another post. In the meantime, Keep the Shiny Side Up! 🙂

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