Euro Truck Personal Fleet Review

First vehicle to become a ‘keeper’ was the Renault Magnum. I embraced its quirky appearance and enjoyed the ride. Originally painted pale blue with a ‘Parisien’ motif she became red and was named Un Verre de Corbières. Currently she’s running around in a Michelin advert livery…

Joining the fleet soon after was a Mercedes-Benz Actros. I’m not sure whether this truck is staying long term. She’s nice to drive but I find the dials a little dark for easy reading. Painted in a silver metallic version of one of the in-game company liveries. She has no name as yet… We’ll see how I feel about her in the future…

The Renault Range T joined the fleet as my first ‘paid’ mod as a direct result of my fun in the Magnum. initially turned out in a metallic brown, she is now painted in Renault F1 yellow. She’s a very fine truck to drive picking the best quirks of the Magnum and adding some nice modern styling. Renault struggled in the UK market but since merging with Volvo they seem to be finding favour. I’m seeing a lot of Range T’s out on the North Circular Road these days! Definitely a keeper though I’m still thinking about a name…

The M.A.N TGX XXL. I was always going to have one of these in the fleet. I love the cab layout and the simple elegance of the external design. There are a couple of in-game issues with the lights on the display – no light for retarder activation for example. But overall a very nice truck to drive and probably the most refined. Finished in a dark metallic grey, she’s picked up the name Dark of Night from my Cobra IV in Elite…

And finally the inevitable Scania. I say inevitable because this truck is most peoples favourite. I like her very much and will be retaining her probably in her current form with this metallic copper livery. She’s a good driver and the dash is excellent with all dials easy to read. Perhaps not as refined as the M.A.N and not quite as fun as the Renault’s. Another truck awaiting a name…

Trucks left to try out – Volvo and Iveco. Trucks that didn’t make my personal fleet – DAF XF. I really could not stand the cab on the DAF so I sold it…



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