Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters E or F

Here we go with Fire Engines – although the London Fire Brigade calls them Appliances…

Speeding through Finchley

Start of Watch checks

On wedding duty

There are some semi-hidden F’s too. The first image has been processed in Silverefex to emulate Ilford FP4 Film. The second image is of a Volvo FL6 and the third is an old Ford airfield fire / rescue truck now preserved and available for function hire. All were taken in Finchley.

Spot anything odd about the Fire Engine in the first picture? Clue – it won’t be much use when it gets to a fire… Answer in comments please 🙂

Catch up with Cee’s B&W Challenge and other entries here. Don’t be shy – join in – this is all about taking part 🙂


    1. Thanks Cee – Finchley Fire Station is 400yds from my door so I get to see the Firefighters and the Fire Engines every day. They’re an excellent bunch of people and I guess that goes for Firefighters everywhere 🙂

  1. They’re not ‘Fire Engines’ nor ‘Fire Appliances.’ They’re multi-wheeled multi-purpose emergency conflagration-control and rescue’ units! 😉

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