Fleet Update

After a bit of flying aircraft and spaceships, we’re back on terra-firma and driving trucks for a while. Since my last fleet reviews for American and Euro Truck, I have made a couple of changes. In American Truck I decided that I would move over to the updated version of the FLB. This was a good decision as they have fixed an issue with the advanced trailer coupling so that it now works correctly. Unfortunately the change meant fitting a 455HP version of the Caterpillar 3406e in place of the 435HP C-15 and also a change of colors. So Autumn Gal now looks like this…

With the Kenworth K100 sold I decided to try another truck that is available as a free mod. This is the Mack Ultraliner and it’s made by Cyrus the Virus. Firstly let me say that this truck is very much a work in progress and there are some little quirks and glitches the most amusing of which is watching the gauges reload when you turn the lights on! A number of the gauges are not working yet or are duplicated and the clock in the centre of the dash is right twice a day 😉

There’s something about the build of the dash and the external appearance of the truck that makes me think of 1960’s Brutalist Architecture despite the fact that production started in 1982! It certainly doesn’t share the classic lines of the FLB.

However, this truck does drive very nicely and the Mack E9 V8 engine sounds marvellous! So I think this one is a keeper 🙂 We’ll see how Cyrus gets on with improving the mod over time.

Over in Europe I tried everything I could to love the Mercedes-Benz Actros. I changed the gearbox, tried different colourschemes but in the end I had to let her go. I just couldn’t get comfortable with the way that the console wrapped around – it kept making me feel that I was sitting at an angle to the gauges in the centre of the dash even when I clearly wasn’t. Weird 😦 Her final appearance was in yellow…

To replace her I bought an Iveco Hi-Way of which more in a future post. Here she is in the dealer supplied orange colours – she won’t be in those for long!


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