PPAC: Photographing Public Art Challenge #6

Cee is in charge of this week’s Photographing Public Art Challenge and there is a nice selection of subjects in her post šŸ™‚

This week I’m going inside for a visit to Bath Abbey. Lets start with a couple of oft overlooked items. Here is the carved detail on the end of a choir pew…

…It’s wood darkened by centuries of caresses by choristers fingers šŸ™‚

Sometimes made of wood but more commonly of gilded metal, the Lectern…

…often resembles an Eagle – its spread wings carrying the word of God. I sometimes wonder if a Dove might be a more appropriate symbol?

There are many memorials mounted around the walls of the Abbey. Here is a detail of one dedicated to Sir Richard Bickerton…

…The design recalling his lifetime as a Naval Officer. One incident from his career that may be of interest – In October 1776 he took command of the 74-gun third rate ship Terrible; while aboard that vessel he captured the American privateer Rising States on 15 April 1777 while cruising off Ushant.

There are many stained-glass windows around the Abbey. This one, installed in 1949, recalls the crowning of Eadgar – 1st King of all England – in the Saxon monastery on the site of the Abbey…

…Although he became King in 959, the coronation did not take place until 973. It was planned by Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury and advisor to the King. The format has become the basis of our current coronation ceremonies.

Hope you enjoyed my selection šŸ™‚


  1. Thank you for sharing a wonderful opportunity to view these beautiful pieces from the Bath Abbey. I would be in awe to stand in that sanctuary! You captured the “feel” very well, Martin.

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