CMMC – July Alphabet must have K at the end of a word

Lets start with Back – or more specifically the Referee’s Back as he blocks my photo of a goal being scored…

…That’s one of the occupational hazards of football photography. And, being a Referee, he’s attired all in Black 🙂

Now an old photo taken at Manningtree level crossing. We have a Truck…

…and to continue with the ‘ends in k’ theme, it’s a Mack and its come from Denmark 🙂 Sorry for the small size – it’s from a colour slide and I need to find the slide again to rescan a larger version.


…And the item next to the running rail in the centre of the photo is a Tripcock Actuator. Its arm is raised when the signal is at danger and it will strike against a cock on the front of a passing train to automatically apply the brakes. The flowers are not helping with ‘k’s – they are Yellow Corydalis and Herb Robert.

Finally, we have a Clock…

…This one adorns the platform at Barons Court station.

You can catch up with Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge here.


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