Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Pets

Sadly I don’t have any pets of my own since Paul died in the spring. But I guess my Trucks are pets in a Tamagotchi sort of way 😉 No – I don’t have any pet rocks! But there are usually lots of Dogs partaking in Sunday Walkies on Hampstead Heath……I wonder how many you can spot? 🙂

Dogs are welcome at a lot of non-league football grounds – this is one of Folkestone Invicta’s supporters who goes by the name Ari…
Non-League dogs even have their own Twitter account !

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  1. I’m now following Non-league dogs on Twitter! I love dogs and dog people! These are both fantastic photos, Martin. The first one offers a spectacular perspective on the park, and the second, is simply delightful! Nice work!

    1. Thanks Debra! There are some real characters on the NLD twitter feed. You should find a photo of our current NLD – Fala – wearing her Woofgate & Finchley coat 🙂

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