Damp mist's chill
Penetrates coat and body
To cling to bone
Of those exiled from inside

Solace sought in a cigarette
Just one more drag
Need tempering desire
Illusory warmth inhaled

The brutalist building
An architype to dampen the spirit
Gives a cold shoulder
And Deepens the oppressive chill

Martin Addison – 06/04/2021

I’ve chosen this shot for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge…

The River Thames seen from London Bridge. Tug Ionia pushes a barge load of sand up river on the incoming tide. In the background stands the Tower of London with walls that did their share of ‘retaining’ – ie: keeping political prisoners in 😉

I think that counts for river, water, old building, walls, and hauling sand for industrial 🙂

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