Total Recall

Pigeons have a photographic memory and recall every train they’ve ever seen- which is just as well since they can’t write the numbers down in a notebook. I think this guy was hoping to see his last Class 450…

Pigeon at Clapham Junction

Taken on a spotting trip at Clapham Junction. Being only Human, I have to use a notebook 🀣


    1. Yes, he’ll get a good view from there of the trains passing through – all except those on the Putney and Richmond side of the station.

  1. As a child my husband bred homing pigeons. Through the years he has amazed me at some of the stories. I can’t get around even semi-familiar places without the use of my navigation system! Outdone by pigeons every time. πŸ˜‰

    1. πŸ€£πŸ‘Pigeons are clever birds in many ways Debra – we find them using the train to get about the London Underground πŸ˜… I’m fortunate to have a very good navigation system inside my head which is just as well as I hate using the phone maps. I can usually look at the route to a place before leaving home and find my way there using the landmarks I’ve identified along the route – the drive up to my Son’s digs in Leicester being a case in point (Turn right just after Tesco’s) 🀣

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