CMMC February Color Teal or Turquoise

It’s been a busy week of out and about – of which there will be some posts later. But nothing photographed for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge so I have had to raid my library and the kitchen 🙄

First, the cover of a Book…

…then a box of Tea with some turquoise splodges…

…and to finish, a tin of Shortbread…

…Sorry there’s nothing particularly artistic😐


  1. You explained why these submissions weren’t your most artistic, but I still enjoyed knowing that I have the same tea in my kitchen! 🙂 Always fun just to see a part of your life, Martin. 🙂

    1. 🤣 – but I bet you didn’t have the Shunters book 😂 It is fun to compare such everyday items as a type of Tea and find that we share a liking for that type. I bet you also have Echinacea Tea! Thanks for popping by Debra 👍

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