CMMC – February Color – Blue-Greens

Sorry I missed last week’s CMMC and, indeed, doing other posts – had a mix of weather, heating and car related issues that tied up my time (and there may have been an occasional trucking event requirement thrown in too!) Anyway, here we are with some shots for this week’s CMMC.

Clarkes Coaches specialise in providing UK tours for Asian visitors so, before the pandemic, it was quite normal to find their vehicles outside Buckingham Palace and The Royal Mews…

Wingate & Finchley FC didn’t get to play many games this season before the pandemic called a halt on proceedings but here’s a shot of The Blues playing Horsham FC in their green strip…

Then, there’s a footbridge close to home from which I often photograph trucks and buses…

Hope that meets the Blue-Green’s criteria? 🙂


  1. Each photo has something special to draw the eye, Martin, but I SO admire your beautiful action shots. The athletes in photo #2 are riveting. You do such a great job of capturing more than just the action. Somehow, you get the personality, too. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Debra 🙂 I think the ‘personality’ comes from the facial expressions and sometimes I do shots that are less about the action and more about the looks on the faces 😉

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