Oak Glen Farm

I’m pushing on with progressing the farm in the hope of harvesting my first crop before the community event starts in Euro Truck Simulator because that will be a big timesink and I’ll probably have to put the farming to one side for a while. Since the last post I’ve caught up to where I was before I lost my gamesave. So to start this post, here’s my pristine crop in the first stage of growth……And some crows being shooed away 😉 As before, I did fertilize Mason’s field for nearly 10K while waiting for my crop to show through. Now they’re above ground, I have to fertilize my field once more to get the best yield. I won’t bore you with pictures of that action nor with two other fertilizing jobs for Mason in field 36 which between them earned me over 26k – the three jobs I’ve done for my fellow farmer have paid the cost of buying the spreader now! This ‘softly, softly’ approach, starting with small machines, a single unprepared field and only buying what I need, when I need, is working out well. I can’t remember when I’ve ever had so much money still in the bank at this stage and in terms of game time, we still have several hours of the first day left to work.

Next, I bought a trailer and pallet forks. I’ll need the trailer for when I harvest my crop but in the mean time I can use it to do some transport work. I chose to buy the MetalTech DBL8 trailer, which is one from the modhub……It’s not as big as I might need later but for my current field it should be fine. For the delivery work I’m running it without the sides – I’ll refit them when I get to harvest time. Here’s one delivery I’ve taken on……and here we are collecting the goods at the sawmill…

I decided to have another go at a baling job despite the bad experience of last time. I had a feeling that growing grass and making it into silage bales could be a good way to make money. In fact I had already been prospecting equipment and suitable fields to purchase. Mason owns field 32, which was one that I’d looked at, and wants it mowed. So I accepted that job using hired equipment. The mowing and baling went fine. Rather than struggle to collect the finished bales, I decided to buy the autoload trailer that I mentioned in the previous post – it’s in the modhub. I’ll be able to use it on any other baling jobs I take and if I do go down the road of owning grass fields for silage making, buying it now is an investment. Collecting went without a hitch. I took the bales to the Stables Barn to sell and my cut of the profit was £2641. Given that I’m getting a third of the harvest value, that meant that each bale was worth £1500 – definitely a good money maker given that the only out-goings on a grass field is a single fertilize after each mow! Of course, it will mean buying a lot of equipment to start up, but I can use that on baling jobs for other farmers too. Yepp – I must get into this line of business 🙂

By the time I’d done those deliveries and mowed the grass, it was getting late. An evening check on the crop revealed that weeds had sprung up after I did the second fertilizer run and I was going to have to do something about them. My preferred solution to a weed problem is the Hardi Mega 2200 – much better than taking an 8 iron to them 😉 So off to the shop to buy the sprayer and herbicide along with a larger weight to keep the tractor balanced. Then it’s time to spray…

That just about completed my first day’s work on the farm (game time is a funny thing). To end the day I washed down the equipment and the tractor……and put them all to bed. In the next post we’ll see how the crop is doing and make a start on silage making.

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