Days Out With Dad

Spare a thought if you will for one of life’s victims – a soul who suffers yet stands firm in the face of adversity. That person is, of course, Alasdair – my Son. He regularly accepts the need to be ‘he who stands and waits’. As a dutiful Son he calmly accepts that he will get dragged out to strange areas of London to watch trains! By strange, I mean places that he doesn’t know. That he would rather be investigating strange places in Battlefield IV is certain but, with minimal complaint, he makes his way down to the station and on to our intended destination. Of course, some trips are for his benefit – Hendon for some trains followed by Brent Cross for new Trainers! Or a central London bus photography trip – picking up new reeds and a pull-through for his Clarinet from Howarth’s on the way. But others are purely about me and my love of transport. Am I cruel… Yes! But at least it makes him read books while he’s being patient 😉 Some shots from recent Days out with Dad…

ps – He does insist on Pret a Manger baguettes for Lunch, so his patience doesn’t come cheap!

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