Last on the Card – December 2022

With so much going on in early December, I totally forgot to take part last month – Sorry Brian☹️ So I’m going to make up for that by including the 2 eligible shots in this post for the Last on the Card challenge

November’s last from the Moto g50…

Last on Card_NOV22_g50

…Not sure why I was taking those! Probably an unused shot for a challenge😉 Anyway, from the Canon 5D mkiii in November we have Ahmet, our director of football wandering into the bar with his post match food…

Last on Card_NOV22_C5Diii

Now for December… On the Moto g50 we have some Christmas lights…

Last on Card_DEC22_g50

…Another ‘not sure why’ shot😂 Moving on swiftly to the Canon 5D mkiii we have a footie shot from our Boxing Day match with Haringey Borough…

Last on Card_DEC22_C5Diii

…No ball in shot because the Boro’ Keeper got a really good punch on it😎 Finally, the Fuji X-Pro2 had an outing to photograph the Christmas lights and to get some shots for one of Cee’s challenges

Last on Card_DEC22_Fuji

…This is the uncropped original of a shot that was used as an example of V.

All the photos are unedited except for resizing for the web.

That’s it, we’re all caught up and hopefully we’ll be on time next month😎👍


  1. Wow. Thanks Martin, So glad you included last months months ago…..well…yeah you know what I mean. This is a great example of the Last Photo will always be the last photo for the month 🙂 🙂

    1. Eclectic is what Last on the Card is likely to produce as each camera is probably used for different work 😅 I know some people leave their lights up all year round 😂

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