Still Finding My Way

Back in the middle of October I wrote about my low mental state. I shut down a lot of my activities. In the two months since, I’ve been trying to find my feet again. It takes time and I still haven’t begun regular gaming posts. I could certainly write about Truck Simulator because there has been a lot going on but I’ve been in a bit of a ‘Writers Block’ territory. I hope to break that block this weekend with a post about the new Texas DLC – we’ll see.

With the exception of Truck Simulator, I’m still trying to find my way back into the games I was writing about and it may well be that some of them will not resurface. I haven’t played Farming Sim since the beginning of October. I know that I will return to the game but it will probably be on a different map and, if I post about it, there won’t be a story series unlike the last.

The hunting games – Their own worst enemy? Suddenly we have two that have great merit. I want to continue writing about them both but I doubt I will be able to do that so I will need to choose one. That will probably be Way of the Hunter. But updates are, again, reliant on me finding my way back into the game.

Photography posts – not been doing anything like the amount of photography that I would like. I enjoy taking part in some of the photo challenges but I’d rather use shots that were taken recently and I don’t like re-using shots that I’ve published before – so there’s a bit of a bottle neck forming here.

A bright light alongside the possibility of a truck sim post is rediscovering Crusader Kings III. When I last played, the game was very new and I think it showed in the manner of its playing. A year away and I’ve found it a more amenable place to play. After trying a quick run-through of the tutorial, I’ve been playing as a count in southern France. It has been a relaxing and refreshing experience – something that I hope I will write about soon.

I hadn’t realised that this would still be dragging on two months hence. However, I think the last paragraph speaks of progress. I’d like to thank my regular visitors for their patience and support.


  1. You really know you’re low when the pastimes and activities that typically bring you a little joy just feel like too much! I’m sorry that you’re still feeling that struggle, Martin, but I think it’s a sure sign of progress when you can identify the desire to pick up your games and even tackle new challenges. I hope you’ll continue to be patient with yourself. And I wish you all the best, dear friend.

    1. Thank you very much Debra πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ I think Truck Sim provided a safe haven and now a launch-pad to returning to normality. I hope you and Jay are recovering from your recent loss and sharing the good memories πŸ‘

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