CMMC – November 5th Week – Tree or Truck

Well – I think Cee will have guessed in advance what my Midweek Madness Challenge entry would contain😂 However, I did make a point of going out this lunchtime to get the shots for this post, so none of them is more than a few hours old! All were taken on the A406 North Circular Road, a major north London artery. As I’m posting this, I just saw a tweet from the local radio station showing that there’s a serious traffic jam in the eastbound direction – just a short distance from where these shots were taken earlier. Such is the A406 in the evening rush 😟

Back to lunchtime and here’s a nicely turned-out Scania in a special paint job…

LU 226FR, A406, Finchley

…A visitor from Poland. Other European countries are commonly represented by trucks on the A406. There was an Integre Trans truck from Lithuania and this BKM Lojistik Volvo from Turkey…

BKM Lojistik 34 BRP 116, A406, Finchley

…BKM do have bases in the UK, so not too surprising a visitor.

Not all the trucks are large or far from home. This Lawson’s Scania is one of their fleet, delivering timber products from depots around London and the surrounding counties…

Lawsons EX71 FRL, A406, Finchley

…Including one just north of here in Whetstone. Then, here’s a competitor – a Country Supplies Scania from Buckinghamshire joining the A406 from the A1000…

Country Supplies EY68 VPD, A406, Finchley

…Where the Lawson’s truck has a crane, this one has its own forklift hooked on the back!

Regular A406 users, these DAF trucks with pale blue cabs and white roofs travel east in the morning with scrap metal and return unladen in the afternoon…

DA19 YDH, A406, Finchley

…I have not worked out who actually operates them😅

Finally, an attempt at something slightly artistic – a contre-jour M.J.D. Iveco…

MJD Group WV21 CDF, A406, Finchley


    1. I think that may be possible via careful deduction from captured images on the internet 😅 You do realise this is possibly a top-secret government thing and there may be spies and dead bodies involved… 😂

      1. I am sure you are more than capable of the task. Just jump into the back of the empty truck from the overpass and your there 😂

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