Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Chompin' Chips

Chompin’ Chips

Final Warning

Final Warning

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Juice Jacks – Silly Season

After my previous post I was thinking about some of the most famous electric locomotives around the world. The Swiss Krokodil locomotives came to mind as did the Pennsylvania Railroad’s GG1’s. Then I got to thinking – what would be the UK Railtour to end all Railtours? A GG1 on the West Coast Mainline. In the real world this is an impossibility. We’re talking major loading gauge issues and the GG1 wouldn’t like 25Kv at 50Hz very much either! But on Railworks… Anything is possible :-)

PRR 4832 approaching Lancaster

PRR 4832 approaching Lancaster

PRR 4801 arriving at Carlisle

PRR 4801 arriving at Carlisle

Juice Jacks

Tethered are we – for we cannot run
Like steam blowing free
Between the trees

Tethered are we – for we cannot run
Like diesel oil
Under streaming sun

Tethered are we – for our power’s not our own
It belongs to the station
Down the road

Yet mighty are we – with our borrowed power
Giving more horses
Per kilowatt hour

Quiet, clean are we – no smoke or fume
Muted roar and hum
No diesel thrum

Though tethered we be…
Past, present are we
Transport made green
Longevity imbued – Future proofed

Sometimes also called Juice Hogs, Juice Jacks is a US Railroad nickname for electric locomotives and units.


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