Eternal Winter cloaks the land

Trees bow and creak

Under its heavy skies

And Wind Moans

Beneath a bitter Sun

Rocks shivered to rubble

Crunch beneath careful step

And twigs crack like pistol shots

In spiteful revenge

Acknowledging a passage

Where footprints once distinct

Disappear under fresh blown snow

Deer hide in plain-sight

Their calls seeking love

Mournful in the solitude

And Lynx passes unseen

Ghostly grey in a haunted land

Poem – Martin Addison, 18/11/2019; Screenshots from The Hunter – Call of the Wild, Medved Taiga Reserve

One of the issues of living in London is that our climate in winter rarely gets cold enough for frost throughout the day. Come the evening, everything is damp and the inside of public transport becomes cocooned within the moisture deposited on the windows. The result is that buses can look like lanterns as they proceed along their route……A 210 bus photographed outside the Whittington Hospital where some of its passengers may well have attended for bronchial complaints!

My entry this week for Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge.






Spring it is
That brings the snow
White Blackthorn flowers
Upon the bough

Icy fingers
Frost the cars
Feverish commuters
Scraping hard

Blackbirds forage in
Crisper leaves
Seeking to find
What lives beneath

And Robin selects
With care, a bed
To build her nest
Within the shed

So March begins
New life transcends
And Cherry tells
Of Winter’s end

Cherry Blossom




Martin Addison – 04/03/2014